Focused, comprehensive consultation addresses all of the action items required to get a seller’s property ready for the market.We outlines all the information that a seller would need to Stage their property on their own.
If you would prefer that we do the Staging work, we will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the cost to have your house Staged. We offer flexible packages and services to customize your needs to your budget

We take an empty house and make it a home. Showing a vacant home makes the property feel cold, uninviting and small because there is no frame of reference.
Buyers become confused when rooms are not clearly defined; therefore, they are unable to emotionally connect with a home.
When merchandising these properties, we take the approach that we are marketing a lifestyle; the property is showcased like a model, helping buyers connect to the space.

This option allows the Heart Creates Home team to use the seller’s furniture and possessions.
Occupied Home Staging offers the option of supplementing the homeowner’s own items with artwork, decor and furniture from our inventory.

Heart Creates Home can help present your place of business to clients and employees in the best possible light.  Let us Stage your front office, lobby, conference rooms or more.